5 Level Backsplit Detached House in Mississauga

后复式五层独立屋因其易于改造成三个相对独立的三个单元, 特别适于大家庭或自住兼投资, 一直备受投资者的喜爱。 2010年一月, 一幢位于元明超市附近的后复式五层独立屋在寒冬之中上市。 开放屋那日, 来参观的人络绎不绝, 门前车水马龙。 有12位买家竞价, 最后一位年轻的西人地产投资人, 力排11位竟争对手,以高于卖价 13%的价格成交。 4424 Shelby Cres 是后复式五层独立屋房型的又一典范。 宽敞后复式五层独立屋,最佳投资兼自住房型。 高尚社区,干净整洁,靠近密市SquareOne, 2-3分钟至403/401, 步行至公共汽车站,学校。 私家后院, 有苹果树, 梨树, 葡萄树,菜地。 4+1卧,3卫, 3厨。 可自住并分租。 楼上两层三室一厅一厨一卫, 新粉刷。 楼下三层,有两套分门一室一厅单元,各自有分门出入, 月租超过房贷, … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Be a Good Landlord

Secrets to Be a Hands-off Landlord Part 4 The Law of Attraction says like attracts like.  Just as a landlord looking for a good tenant, a good tenant also looks for a good landlord.  A good landlord attracts quality and loyal tenants.  Want to be a hands-off landlord?  You need to be a good landlord first. Here are 5 ways to be a good landlord: … [Read more...]

How to Create a Rental Lease Agreement Tailored to Your Needs

Secrets to Be a Hands-off Landlord - Part 3 A residential rental lease agreement defines the rights and responsibility of both the landlord and tenant. It is governed by landlord and tenant law specific to the province or state where a tenant is renting. To create a rental lease agreement, you need to be familiar with your local landlord and tenant law.  If you need to … [Read more...]

How to Find a Good Tenant


Secrets to Be a Hands-off Landlord - Part 2 Finding a good tenant is like choosing a business partner or dating.  I would like to share my proven tenant screening steps and tips with you. … [Read more...]

Secrets to Be a Hands-off Landlord – Part 1

Real Estate is a powerful vehicle to create wealth and get you out of the rat race.  However not every one wants to get into Real Estate because many think it is too much hassle to be a landlord. Those who are in the Real Estate business are probably burned out after being a landlord for several years and end up selling their properties. … [Read more...]