Examples On How QR Codes Are Creatively Used

Calvin Klein - Use QR Code

If you pay a little attention, you will easily find a QR code (Quick Response code) around you these days.  For example, the QR code has been used in newspapers, magazines, billboards, business cards and product tags.  Because the QR code is truly mobile, you can simply point and scan it to access more information.  Therefore, it is widely used in today’s marketing. In my … [Read more...]

The Magic QR Code

QR code

Not long ago I bought an orchid from Home Depot.  On the product tag, there is a barcode full of maze-like black and white squares. On the tag, it says, “Take a picture of this code with your smartphone for instant access to helpful information about JustAddIce Orchids.”  What is it?  It is a QR code!  I downloaded the QR code reader as instructed.  Then I scanned the QR code … [Read more...]