Powerful Marketing Stats That Will Drive 2014 [Infographic]


Last week I wrote a blog post on “Online Marketing Trends in 2014 You Should Pay Attention To.”   After reviewing online marketing trends in 2014 predictions from different sources, I picked 5 trends that you should pay attention to.  Today I come across an inforgraphic created by WebDam that lists 20 powerful marketing statistics that will drive 2014.   … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing Brings New Business & Job Opportunities

Oliver Gu Internet Marketing Training Toronto

If someone mentions “Marketing” to you, you probably think of those popular companies like Microsoft, HP and Sony spending millions of dollars on TV commercials, radio, large billboards and newspapers to promote their products and services.  However, things have been gradually changed since the arising of the Internet in the 1990s. In the middle of the 1990s, if someone had … [Read more...]

Joel Comm Internet Marketing Secret Classroom

You now have an opportunity to receive the Internet marketing education that can last a lifetime. The Secret Classroom It's not an ebook that overpromises and underdelivers. It's not a software tool that teases you with an "easy" button and leaves you disappointed. And it's not a seminar that doles out a few juicy bits and then asks you for your money. On the … [Read more...]