3 Reasons You Need a Success Mindset to Run a Successful Home Business


Each year hundreds of thousands of people start their home business looking for extra income streams.  Only a small percentage of them become successful.  Why the majority fail?  Besides a person’s experience, knowledge and business acumen, in my view, it is a person’s mindset that determines whether he or she fails or succeeds.  Success is a state of mind. So what is a … [Read more...]

Things to Consider When You Start A Home Business

As the economy has been slowing down globally, people are looking for a plan B besides their full-time jobs. Home business become one of the best choices for many. The income from your home business can subsidize your family expenses or even surpass your full-time income. Owning a home business also brings you tax advantages.  All sounds great.  However many people have no idea … [Read more...]

How Internet Has Changed The Way We Live

From less than 16 million Internet users in 1995 to 6.45 billion in 2011,  soon more than fifty percent of the world's population will have Internet access.  The Internet has dramatically changed the way we live -- how to shop, how to do business and how to communicate, etc.  It is like a super-speed train carrying “the global village” moving forward. … [Read more...]