Greek Debt Crisis Is A Warning Sign To Us

Greek debt crisis has been dragged for a long time.  The Greek parliament has finally approved new harsh austerity legislature required to secure a 130-billion-euro bailout from the EU as well as the IMF in efforts to avoid devastating default. This comes amid violent riots against the vote in Athens. ­The lawmakers voted early Monday (Feb 13th) in favor of the bill which will … [Read more...]

What Does a Sophisticated Investor Invest?

In his latest best-selling book Conspiracy of the Rich, Robert Kiyosaki lists the following four basic investment categories and says a sophisticated investor invests in all four categories to achieve true diversification. 1. Business -- provides passive income 2. Income-producing investment real estate -- provides passive income every month 3. Paper assets -- easy to buy … [Read more...]

Five Tips For Being a Successful Investor

Kim Kiyosaki shared the following tips for being a successful investor and entrepreneur with 1. When it comes to investing, women should not think men are smarter. Be a lifelong learner. Get a financial education and make it a priority. Then, get some experience. 2. Don't be afraid to make mistakes because that's how we learn. 3. Seek out mentors and … [Read more...]