Our Story

Mary and I are very ordinary people like you. We used to follow the traditional way of getting good grades, working hard for big corporations and climbing the corporate ladder. We went to study in the USA in 1995 and each obtained two Master degrees (MBA, MA, MS,MS) from renowned US graduate schools. After graduation, we worked for well-known companies in Boston. Climbing the corporate ladder from the very bottom, we started with low salaries and worked extremely hard for our employers. We often found little money left by the year end no matter how frugal we had been. The annual salary increase just did not keep up with the increase of living expenses. Gradually we lost the dream of being financially free. Maybe we were just ordinary people and the dream of financial freedom was too far away from us.
Searching for financial freedom in U.S.A. (1999- 2003)

We had been actively investing in the stock market for about 5 years. We made some money while the stock market went up.  However, due to the high-tech bubble between 2000 – 2002 and lack of sophisticated investment skills, we lost half of our saving. The volatile stock market taught us a hard lesson.In order to get ahead financially, I worked hard by keeping multiple jobs and business. In 1999, I started eBay business selling camcorders, books, Italian suits, briefcases, batteries and anything that I could sell at a high profit. I became an eBay power-seller shortly after I got started (eBay Power Seller Recognition Letter). I also worked at the local Chinese restaurants as a waiter and front manager during the weekend. I hardly had any Saturday and Sunday off just to make the extra $100 – $200 for the family. I was often exhausted when I reached home. Trading time for money is a constant struggle. 

Robert Kiyosaki’s best-selling series “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” have changed our lives in a profoundOliver Gu with Robert Kiyosaki (2005)
way. We came to realize that we need to change our mindset first and acquire financial literacy, We need to be positive, think big, have a millionaire mind and apply leverage in our lives. There are many ways to achieve financial freedom. We read over 100 books on Real Estate Investment and Business Management. During the same period, I obtained Massachusetts Real Estate Sales license in 2002.

Powerful Money Leverage – Successful Real Estate Investor in Canada Since 2003
We immigrated to Canada in 2003. As we had missed many opportunities in the States and we had a strong desire to win financial freedom, we took actions immediately and purchased our first property 3 months after our landing even without a job. Since 2003 we have been aggressively acquiring investment properties in Greater Toronto Area & Hamilton. The value of our portfolio quickly grows exponentially while we kept our full-time jobs.

In the eyes of many people, we are quite successful. However, only we know our sacrifices involved in achieving what we have done today. There are two big challenges for salaried people to invest in Real Estate. Firstly, it requires a considerably larger amount of money to invest and operate. Secondly, the monthly cash flow is insignificant for the first couple of years. Real Estate investment is a very powerful vehicle to achieve one’s financial freedom but it is slow if you buy and hold.

Multiple Sources of Income – Financial Breakthrough in Canada (2008-present)

We believe there must be a better way for ordinary people to achieve financial freedom. In his best-selling book The Conspiracy of the Rich, Robert Kiyosaki lists four basic investment categories and says a sophisticated investor invests in all four categories to achieve true diversification. The four investment categories are: 1) Business — provides passive income; 2) Income-producing investment real estate — provides passive income every month; 3) Paper assets — easy to buy and sell; 4) Commodities (gold, silver, oil, platinum) — protect against inflation.

We need multiple sources of income. We need more than one investment vehicle to build wealth and protect ourselves against future financial instability. Since 2010, we have expanded our business to Digital marketing training. At the same time, we keep acquiring financial education and personal development skills through books, CDs and seminars.

Life is tough and full of challenges no matter whether you take action or not. You pay a price for taking action or not taking action. Inaction is far more costly than taking action. A person’s income is a reflection of his knowledge and skills (leadership skills, organization skills, marketing skills, etc). It is our vision to help tens of thousands of people to achieve their financial goals through online marketing, financial education and personal development.

May you be successful spiritually, emotionally, financially and physically and have a positive impact on other people’s lives.

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