My Dream Has Come True

I am sitting in a cozy living room facing to the beautiful Nutt Lake writing this blog to you.  The cottage has a traditional look with plenty of exposed pine wood.  The natural wood tone is my favorite.  It makes me feel warm and comfortable.

My daughter is watching her favorite cartoon movie and my husband Oliver is happily surfing online.  Oliver said to me a little while ago “This cottage is like the house in the picture your bought in Scituate.” Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that picture!  Oliver just reminds me of what happened 10 years ago.

10 year ago, Oliver and I were at our lowest point. . . 

I went to study in the US following my parents’ teaching, “go to good school,  get good grades and get a good job”.   In 2000,  I quit my first job in Boston to study computer science full-time.  I thought I could get a high-paid job with my computer science degree. 

However, by the time I finished the Computer Science program in 2002, the job market was hit badly by the bust of high-tech bubble.  Looking for a job in the IT field for a new graduate became hopeless. 

Our Canadian immigration application was an endless waiting.  Oliver was out of job at that time and I was stuck with my student visa.  We lived in a 8-sq-meter room at our friend’s house.  I was under tremendous pressure.  I could not see our future . . . 

Thanks God, I got a job in the logistics field in Scituate, Massachusetts miraculously.  This company even sponsored me to get my H-1B visa!  The new job gave us enough income to cover our living expenses.

One day at my lunch break, I wondered at the parking lot in my own thought.  A girl walked up to me and asked me to buy a picture as a donation to some church program.   I did not want to spend any money on something useless to me.  But one of the pictures got my attention. . .

This picture was framed with natural wood.  In the picture, there is a beautiful cottage at the waterfront.  There are a boy and a girl playing in front of the cottage. 


That was my dream!  I wanted to have a house and my children!

I bought the picture and quickly went into my car.  For some reason, I started to cry while I was looking at the picture.   I felt that my dream was in this picture. 

Fast forward to today Sept 3, 2013, my dream has come true.  We are here staying in a beautiful cottage and our daughter is with us.  We could have had two children, but that’s OK.

Of course, it was a lot of hard work during the past 10 years.  Let me tell you, it is definitely worthwhile.

Now Oliver and I work online from the comfort of our home.  We like what we do and do not need to commute.  Most importantly we can arrange time according to our needs. 

We enjoy teaching at Victoria Training Center at weekends.  This is going to be our 4th year teaching at VIC.  This Saturday Sept 7th, we will have a big event to celebrate our 3 years anniversary. 

Life can be difficult from time to time, but never lose hope.   If you have a dream, go for it.  You can do it!



  1. says

    Hi Mary, you did very good. Yes, what ever how difficult, don’t give up your dream. Go for it, you will get it.
    I will see you on this weekend at VIC.
    All the best

    • Oliver Gu says

      Hi Lisa, so glad to see you last Saturday! We need to motivate each other and pursue our dreams :) Happy holidays!