Internet Marketing Training Seminar in Chinese Community

On Jan 8th, 2011, Victoria International College students had an opportunity to attend Oliver Gu’s Ebay Sales and Internet Marketing Training Seminar at Victoria International College located at 200 Consumer Rd, North York, Canada.  Over 150 people attended this seminar.

The first part of the presentation covered the history of Internet Marketing, its impact to our society in the coming decade, the importance of financial education and personal development. The second part of the presentation was about Ebay selling techniques, Internet Marketing strategies and tools. Oliver Gu introduced several website valuation sites, such as and  Afterwards, Oliver Gu briefly explained how to do keyword search using the keyword analysis software Market Samurai.  He then did a demo of using popular social media sites such as,, LinkedIn to promote websites. The audience were very excited to witness the instant traffic popping up in front of their eyes.  Though Internet Marketing is still new to many of the audience, they are very interested to know more about it and how it can generate extra sources of income for them.

In his latest best-selling book Conspiracy of the Rich, Robert Kiyosaki said the Internet is bringing a shift to the world a million times more profound than Columbus discovering America in 1492. Whoever takes the initiative to be the explorer will be rewarded tremendously. Whoever misses the boat may have to suffer from the economic challenges and instabilities down the road.

Thanks Oliver Gu for bringing Internet marketing training to Chinese community. Thanks Victoria International College of Business & Technology for hosting the event. It is time for Chinese community to know more about Internet Marketing. A permanent full-time job does not guarantee financial security any longer.  How to make extra money besides the job is a big question to many people.  Though there are many ways to generate extra income, most of them require either heavy time and/or money investment.  Internet marketing business is the only few that is suitable to many people.  It is especially appealing for the following reasons:

  • It is low cost to start. It only costs a little over $100 to register a domain name and subscribe Hostgator as your hosting company for one year.
  • It is easy to learn. It does not need programming experience. WordPress makes it so easy to build a website with static pages and blog on your own. There are hundreds of free template and plugins for you to choose.
  • It is truly a home-based business that you can do it at your home with a computer and access to the Internet.
  • It is flexible in terms of work hours. You can build your website whenever you have some free time.
  • It has no geographical and time limit. You can have customers all over the world and make money online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • It brings multiple sources of income.  You can market your own product and service.  There are also many creditable affiliate programs such as ClickBank,, Google AdSense for you to promote and make extra money. So you don’t even need to have your own products and services to make money online.

In conclusion, the concept of Internet Marketing is still new to many Chinese.  The Chinese community needs more Internet marketing training and seminars like this to fully understand how Internet Marketing works and how to grasp the enormous opportunities that Internet brings to our time.  To know more about Internet Marketing business and where to start, visit Internet Marketing Training Basics for Beginners.


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    Oliver & Mary you rocks! it was a marvelous Internet Marketing Seminar. I want to recommend to all who want to start their business online.