How to Write Magnetic Apartment Rental Ads to Attract Good Tenants

Secrets to Be a Hands-off Landlord Part 5

The cost of apartment rental ads used to be a big expense for the landlord when placing rental ads on newspapers or magazines. A short apartment rental ad of 30 words can easily cost you $50/week on a local newspaper.  Thanks to the Internet and many websites that provide free online apartment rental listings, now you can cut down your rental ad cost almost to zero by advertising online if you do it in a right way.

A Poor Apartment Rental Ad on

Kijiji and Craigslist are two very popular websites that provide free online apartment rental ads. Just browsing through hundreds of apartment rental ads on Kijiji or Craigslist, you will find the difference between a good apartment rental ad and a poor one.   A well-written rental ad not only brings you quality prospects but also help you rent your apartment at a relative higher price.

How to make your rental ads stand out and attract good tenants is vital to the landlord.  The following guidelines show you how to write magnetic apartment rental ads for online advertisement.

Rental Ads Headline: attract people’s attention like a magnet

Your headline should use positive words like “Spacious”, “Super clean”, “Gorgeous”.  It should cover the monthly rent, apartment type and major intersection.  It is very important to specify the type of your apartment – the number of bedroom and whether it is a basement apartment.  People usually scan through the listings so you want to grasp their attention within a second.
For example, $900 / Newly Renovated Spacious 2BDR Basement Apt at Dixie and Bloor

Rental Ads Description: provide as much information as possible

I find many apartment rental ads on Kijiji or Craigslists are too short and boring.  The writer is probably used to writing the traditional newspaper rental ads. The best thing about placing apartment rental ads online is no space limit.  So don’t try to save space by using abbreviations. You need to provide enough information for your ads to stand out and attract the right prospect.  Here are some elements you should cover in the description:
1. Location and neighborhood. For example, how close the property is to highway, school and shopping center
2. The condition and size of the apartment
3. Appliance, laundry and parking
4. The kind of property management (e.g. onsite superintendent)
5. You can also mention what kind of tenants you are looking for

Rental Ads Pictures: a picture is worth a thousand words.

When people are surfing through apartment rental ads online, they tend to skip the rental ads without pictures.  No matter how good your description is, people still like to see the pictures of the apartment. As to the number of pictures, it is recommended to put 4 pictures – 1 picture of the outside of the building, 3 pictures of the interior conditions (e.g. kitchen, living room, and bedroom). Make sure to tidy up the apartment and turn on the light before you take pictures.  This is especially important if the apartment is in the basement.  You wish to show the most beautiful side of your rental apartment to the prospect.

Rental Ads Terms and conditions:  make your rules clear to the prospect

To save your screening time, you should include the following in your apartment rental ads:
1. when the apartment will be available
2. what is the lease term
3. whether 1st and last month rent is required
4. whether reference and credit check are needed
5. whether pet is allowed

Rental Ads Contact: make it easy for the prospect to contact you

Put down the contact person’s name, phone # and email address if available.  You want the prospect to contact you or your property management company easily.  Don’t forget to ask the prospect to CALL NOW before the apartment is taken.

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Following the above guidelines, you can easily write magnetic apartment rental ads so as to attract good tenants who stay long and take good care of your apartments.