How Internet Has Changed The Way We Live

From less than 16 million Internet users in 1995 to 6.45 billion in 2011,  soon more than fifty percent of the world’s population will have Internet access.  The Internet has dramatically changed the way we live — how to shop, how to do business and how to communicate, etc.  It is like a super-speed train carrying “the global village” moving forward.

Let’s see how the way we live has been changed since the start of the Internet:

  • Professional and consumer purchasing decisions are made by millions of Internet users every day.
  • 73% of corporate level executives depend on the Internet to research new products or services.
  • Email marketing sends information via email to targeted audience
  • Over 500 million active users are on Facebook
  • More than 100 million users are on LinkedIn, the largest professional network
  • Twitter now handles over 1 billion tweets every week

While the Internet has changed the way we live, it also provides a revolutionary opportunity for more people than ever to start a home business.  The Internet makes 24/7 income possible which is impossible with the traditional work model.  It exposes home business owners to a global market.

Why does every family need to have a home business?
Today the rate of inflation is growing at a faster rate than salaries and bonuses you make from your traditional nine to five work.   More and more people are concerned about their retirement fund when they reach their retirement age.

Those who have taken a hard look at this potential predicament have understood that the obvious course of action is to point oneself right at the Internet. The timing is almost perfect now to learn how to start your home business online as quickly as possible. There are no age restrictions either so anyone with a desire to learn has the same opportunity.  Many people have intuitively realized this but are fearful of taking the great quantum leap needed to bridge this ever widening gap of making ends meet. Those who DO take that giant leap of faith will reap the rewards for their courage.

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  1. says

    Good points. But we also have the threat of losing privacy, know-how, secrets with the easy access and rapid spread of the information. How to handle this?

    • Oliver Gu says

      Hi Charlie, The information flows in two ways. When you reveal your know-how and tricks to people, you also learn more know-how and tricks from your competitors. It helps you reinvent your ideas and strategies to stay ahead of the game.