Canadians Getting Richer or Poorer?


A CP24 news article on July 25th titled "Canadians getting richer, average net worth tops $400K" caught my eye.  In the news it saidA new report by Environics Analytics puts Canadian household net worth at the start of the year at over $400,000 for the first time in history -- although it only rose above the mark by $151. … [Read more...]

Greek Debt Crisis Is A Warning Sign To Us

Greek debt crisis has been dragged for a long time.  The Greek parliament has finally approved new harsh austerity legislature required to secure a 130-billion-euro bailout from the EU as well as the IMF in efforts to avoid devastating default. This comes amid violent riots against the vote in Athens. ­The lawmakers voted early Monday (Feb 13th) in favor of the bill which will … [Read more...]

Things to Consider When You Start A Home Business

As the economy has been slowing down globally, people are looking for a plan B besides their full-time jobs. Home business become one of the best choices for many. The income from your home business can subsidize your family expenses or even surpass your full-time income. Owning a home business also brings you tax advantages.  All sounds great.  However many people have no idea … [Read more...]

7 Most Promising Online Jobs For Working From Home

The stress of getting up and going to work, not to mention the expense and the waste of commuting time, is causing many to seriously look for online jobs working from home.  There are many online job opportunities these days and working from home is becoming more and more common.  The following are 7 most promising work-from-home online jobs: Online jobs #1: Work from home … [Read more...]

How Internet Has Changed The Way We Live

From less than 16 million Internet users in 1995 to 6.45 billion in 2011,  soon more than fifty percent of the world's population will have Internet access.  The Internet has dramatically changed the way we live -- how to shop, how to do business and how to communicate, etc.  It is like a super-speed train carrying “the global village” moving forward. … [Read more...]

SWIFT Codes for Banks in Canada


I was looking for Bank of Nova Scotia SWIFT code the other day.  It took me a while to find it.  I am sure many of you may need to use SWIFT code some day.  It would be helpful to know what SWIFT code is and have the codes handy. SWIFT code is a standard format of Bank Identifier Codes (BIC) and it is unique identification code for a particular bank. These codes are used … [Read more...]

What Does a Sophisticated Investor Invest?

In his latest best-selling book Conspiracy of the Rich, Robert Kiyosaki lists the following four basic investment categories and says a sophisticated investor invests in all four categories to achieve true diversification. 1. Business -- provides passive income 2. Income-producing investment real estate -- provides passive income every month 3. Paper assets -- easy to buy … [Read more...]

Five Tips For Being a Successful Investor

Kim Kiyosaki shared the following tips for being a successful investor and entrepreneur with 1. When it comes to investing, women should not think men are smarter. Be a lifelong learner. Get a financial education and make it a priority. Then, get some experience. 2. Don't be afraid to make mistakes because that's how we learn. 3. Seek out mentors and … [Read more...]