Canadians Getting Richer or Poorer?


A CP24 news article on July 25th titled "Canadians getting richer, average net worth tops $400K" caught my eye.  In the news it saidA new report by Environics Analytics puts Canadian household net worth at the start of the year at over $400,000 for the first time in history -- although it only rose above the mark by $151. … [Read more...]

My 10 Favorite Zig Ziglar Quotes


Zig Ziglar, a renowned motivational speaker, trainer and a faithful Christian, died yesterday (Nov 28th) morning at the age of 86 after a bout of pneumonia.  Zig Ziglar's books and training for success have influenced millions of people over the decades. Zig Ziglar is the person who introduced me to the world of sales and marketing through his tapes and books many years … [Read more...]

Change Yourself to Change Your Circumstances


We live in a world full of information.  Some is positive and encouraging,  some is negative and discouraging.  It is your choice to live a positive life and achieve your full potential. As Jim Rohn said  that our current attitude, finances, environment, lifestyle, and our view of our own future possibilities are called circumstances.  To change circumstances, we must change … [Read more...]

5 Time Management Tips For Internet Marketers


Time management is crucial to any Internet marketer who wants to build a successful online business.  As an Internet marketer, your normal day involves activities such as reading emails, writing, and socializing on social media sites.  If you do not plan your day well, the whole day can easily slip through your finger tips without anything achieved.  You know that if you do not … [Read more...]

Why You Should Be On Pinterest


If you pay attention to online news on social media these days, you will find many talks about Pinterest, one of the hottest social networks.  Pinterest is an online pinboard. You can create your own pinboards by theme or topic, post images you like, comment and “follow” pinboards created by other people. The majority of Pinterest visitors are women aged 25-44.  Though it was … [Read more...]

Read This Kindle Direct Publishing Policy Before You Start eBook Publishing With Amazon


Amazon Kindle direct publishing used to be so easy.  You simply uploaded a Private Label Right eBook or public domain content with a few clicks of button.  Your eBook will be available on Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Mac, and PC.  The market is huge and the profit is handsome.  However, the game has been gradually changed recently.  Just as Google released Google … [Read more...]

Is Your website Vulnerable to Google Panda Update?


Google introduced Panda update in February 2011. The purpose of Panda update is to filter out low quality sites from the search results and bring up high quality sites to improve search experience.  Since then, there have been 12 updates up till now. The impact of Google Panda on online business has been huge.  Many websites were de-indexed or suffered from dramatic traffic … [Read more...]

Things to Consider When You Start A Home Business

As the economy has been slowing down globally, people are looking for a plan B besides their full-time jobs. Home business become one of the best choices for many. The income from your home business can subsidize your family expenses or even surpass your full-time income. Owning a home business also brings you tax advantages.  All sounds great.  However many people have no idea … [Read more...]

The Exciting Mobile Search


Today's world is fast-paced and it has become a highly mobile society worldwide, which makes mobile search a great necessity. As people in society move around a great deal and are no longer confined to their offices all day, they need a way to get their questions answered “on the go.” Many people do not know what mobile search is, but it is not a difficult concept to … [Read more...]