5 Time Management Tips For Internet Marketers

Time management is crucial to any Internet marketer who wants to build a successful online business.  As an Internet marketer, your normal day involves activities such as reading emails, writing, and socializing on social media sites.  If you do not plan your day well, the whole day can easily slip through your finger tips without anything achieved.  You know that if you do not create income, you lose money.  Your time is a precious commodity.  How to manage your time to make each working day productive is a question to both new and seasoned Internet marketers.

I think the best way to make a productive day is to invest your time into building your online assets that will generate passive residual income.  For example, the time you spend on writing a blog is building your online assets because each blog drives traffic and leads for you not only today but for many days down the road.  The time you spend on creating an eBook that sells on Amazon will bring you passive income at 24/7.  The eBook is your asset.  I believe building online assets is the ultimate goal for many online marketers.

Having this goal in your mind, it is easy to manage your time accordingly.  You should scrutinize your daily activities to cut down the hours on things that will not lead you closer to your goal to build your online assets.

I would like to share the following 5 time management tips with you.

Time management tips #1:   Write down your tasks for each day and prioritize the activities that will build your online assets.
I suggest you allocate at least one hour for writing.  You can write a blog post or part of an eBook. After you have finished your top task, then move to the rest of the tasks on your list.  This is an effective way to get you focused and achieve your goals.  You will feel very satisfied when you have all the tasks done by the end of the day.

Time management tips #2:   Schedule your tasks wisely to achieve the best result.
As most people check their social media sites around 8pm or 9pm, you’d better do your social media updates during that period of time to reach a larger audience.  The best time to check your email is when you are waiting in line for your appointments with your smartphone.

Time management tips #3:   Get rid of distractions.
There are all sorts of distractions that eat away your precious time.  Don’t constantly pickup your phone and check your emails as well as your social media sites. Use answering machine to pick up your messages so you can get back to them later.  Unsubscribe emails from someone you don’t know promoting new opportunities. Check your social media sites at the end of the day.  Instead of going to different websites looking for news and new blogs, use Google Reader as a news center to collect the latest RSS feeds.  You simply check your Google Reader to keep yourself updated on what’s new in your field.

Time management tips #4:  Be organized.
Having your stuff organized is vital to be productive and efficient.  Create a good filing system to put your paper documents and electronic files into corresponding folders and label them properly.  It will save you many hours looking for something later on.

Time management tips #5:  Have enough sleep, eat well and exercise daily.
You may think this is not related to time management.  It actually does.  Many Internet marketers tend to spend hours after hours in front of the computer screen. Your body needs rest in order to function efficiently.  Take good care of your body to reduce sick days.  It will improve not only your productivity but also the quality of your life.

As an Internet marketer, especially if you work from your home office full-time, it is imperative to plan your day well.  The above time management tips will help you achieve more and feel good about yourself. Do you have other time management tips for Internet marketers?  I would love to hear from you.