10 Money Saving Tips for Your Disney Vacation

We had our Disney vacation in the past Spring.  It is the most enjoyable trip I have ever had with my family!   If you are planning your vacation to Disney,  I am sure you want to find out the best money saving tips for your Disney vacation.   The good news is that there are many Disney discounts available. Whether you want to go to Disney World in Orlando or Disney Land in California, you can find ways to save on your Disney vacation. These are the most popular destination spots in the world, so there are many types of vacation packages available.

Here are 10 ways you can save money on your Disney vacation!

1. Plan your vacation during off-season and you will find that airfares and resort rates are a lot cheaper. The cheapest time to go is either the week after Thanksgiving or the entire month of January.

2. If you’re going with your entire family or a large group of people, you Disney Vacation Bloom Flymight find it less expensive to rent a house near the resort rather than book multiple hotel rooms. There are plenty of nice houses and apartments for rent near the park.  You have bigger rooms and more choices.

3. If your group is small, and you plan on flying, stay at a Disney hotel. Disney usually offers free or low-cost airport shuttles to and from their resorts! You’ll be whisked away as soon as your plane lands at the airport! This will help save on car rentals or taxi fare.

4. Purchase all of your necessities such as sunscreen and sunglasses BEFORE you arrive at Disney, since such necessities cost a lot of money at the park. Make a list of everything you will need during the vacation and buy them before arriving at your destination.

5. Do you or someone in your group belong to any organization? For instance, Disney gives discounts to senior citizens, law enforcement officials, military personnel, etc. Sometimes discounts are given to groups of 10 or more. Call and ask if your group is eligible for any Disney discounts.

6. Since restaurants at the park are expensive, you can save money on your Disney vacation by heading to a restaurant outside of the park. In Florida, there are tons of affordable restaurants around the Kissimmee and Orlando area. In California, there are affordable restaurants all around Anaheim. Some cafes are within walking distance from the park.

7. Decide whether or not it would be cheaper to buy an all-inclusive package or to buy airfare, hotel accommodation, and Disney tickets separately. Sometimes you can find great deals on all-inclusive Disney vacation packages.  For example,  ShengnuoClub.com sometimes has the best Disney vacation package on sale which include air tickets, hotel, car and pass.

8. There are actually some free activities you can do during your Disney vacation: walk along Disney’s BoardWalk, visit Downtown Disney, visit the Wilderness Preserve, etc. Grab a Disney vacation guide book and look for all of the free and inexpensive activities.

9. Look for Disney discounts on tickets. You can sometimes find great deals online at sites like eBay and Craigslist. Sometimes discounts are available through Disney’s official website. Take some time to compare prices. Make sure you order from a reputable seller.  Definitely check out the insider secrets revealed by the Ex-Disney employee that will save you hundreds of $$. Disney Vacation And Savings Travel Guide. A Must Read!

10. Don’t splurge on souvenirs and trinkets! Even if you save a lot of money on tickets and accommodation for your Disney vacation, you should still be careful when shopping. You don’t have to buy every Mickey item you come across. There are a lot of Disney discount books available which contain coupons for shops and restaurants within the area. Get yourself one of these books before going shopping.

Now you know how to save a lot of money on Disney vacation! Follow these 10 tips and you should be able to go on your dream vacation without spending beyond your budget.


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    It is very good suggestion on saving money when we do a Disney vacation. I have two kids and just plan to have a travel to Disney park.